Peking Dragon Chinese Restaurant - Dana Point, CA
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Dana Point, California
Peking Dragon Chinese Restaurant - Dana Point, CA

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Vegetables and To Fu
  1 Sweet and Sour Vegetable $14.95
Spicy 2 Braised String Beans $15.95
  3 Sauteed Green Baby Bok Choy $14.95
  4 Su-San Shan
Baby corn, Chinese peas, broccoli with special sauce.
  5 Assorted Vegetables $14.95
  6 Peapods with Water Chesnuts $14.95
  7 Oyster Sauce Broccoli $14.95
  8 Sauteed Spinach $14.95
  9 Mu-Shu Vegetables
Vegetables and egg served with Chinese thin pancakes, green onion, and plum sauce.
  10 Black Mushroom with Green Bok Choy $15.95

To Fu
Spicy 11 Kung-Pao To Fu $14.95
  12 Black Mushroom with To Fu $15.95
Spicy 13 Orange Peel To Fu $14.95
Spicy 14 Hot Braised To Fu
Bean curd, ground pork with hot sauce
  15 Green Vegetable To Fu $14.95
  16 Sweet and Sour To Fu $14.95